I’m not all that sure how it happened. Guess it’s true that war makes for strange bed-fellows. No pun intended. However it happened, I’m glad it did. → Annihilation (2006)

Kara: I like my uniform!
Clark: I’m glad. My mom made it for you.

Speak, Memory: A Memoir (1951) || Vladimir Nabokov


#woctoberfest: jamie’s thirty-one randomly-ordered faves

day nine: jia jing (sprite) | chinese

the story; jia was an ordinary chinese schoolgirl when cyclops, as the dark phoenix, attempted to destroy the world. her powers manifested and she saved herself when the bus she was in drove off a bridge. jia went to the jean grey school, where she studies diligently and trains to become the greatest x-man to ever live, in honor of her family and her country.

abilities; jia has fairy-insectoid wings which enable her to fly. she also has rocky blue skin, which she can metamorphose and change the size and shape of her body.

seen in; wolverine and the x-men v1. infinity: the hunt. x-men v4.


#woctoberfest: jamie’s thirty-one randomly-ordered faves

day ten: xi’an coy manh (karma) | vietnamese

the story; xi’an, or shan to her friends, moved from vietnam to the states during the war. she and her younger siblings moved to new york, where shan got a job and an apartment. she was the first recruit and leader of professor xavier’s new mutants. she attended the university of chicago before returning to the xavier institute, this time as a teacher. after m-day, shan went to utopia and joined the reformed new mutants. she lost part of her left leg on a mission and left the team, returning to new york and working with wolverine at the jean grey school.

abilities; shan has a limited form of telepathy that allows her to possess other peoples’ minds. she can control their bodies, actions, words, and memories, even being able to possess multiple people at the same time. her power also allows her to “see” through other people’s eyes and protect herself from psionic assault.

seen in; new mutants v1, v2, v3. mekanix. new x-men: academy x. x-men: second coming. astonishing x-men 49-68.


#woctoberfest: jamie’s thirty-one randomly-ordered faves

day eleven: clarice ferguson (blink) | chinese (played by fan bingbing)

the story; clarice was one of the survivors of the initial sentinel attacks. within the survivor group, she scouted out new hiding places from the sentinels and was their main form of transportation. she, along with the rest of her team, fought their way back to charles, erik, ororo, and logan. while kitty transported logan back in time, clarice defended them against the sentinels.

abilities; clarice can create teleportation portals. she can maintain multiple portals at once, opening and closing them at will. when she closes the portal, any object in the portal is cut off. she primarily uses these powers for defense and transportation.

seen in; x-men: days of future past and all related behind-the-scenes materials.

bonus; in earth-295 (age of apocalypse) clarice is bahamian, meaning that were she not pink-skinned, she would likely be black.

endless list of dc ladies

Miiyahbin Marten/Equinox

"I know who I am now. I know what I am. I’m a midayo…a hero. "


#woctoberfest: jamie’s thirty-one randomly-ordered favorites

day twelve: milagro reyes | mexican

the story; milagro is the younger sister of jaime reyes, the blue beetle. she was initially scared of her brother’s new identity, but came to accept it and is one of the only people who knows who blue beetle really is. although milagro is a civilian, she often tags along with her brother and meets superheroes, and helps whenever possible.

seen in; blue beetle v8, v9.

bonus; although not strictly canon, many fans depict milagro as a green lantern because of her determination and her friendship with guy gardner.